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Audio and Video Clips

These are just some of the EVP and video clips we have captured over the years. We do not claim that any of them are definitive proof of the paranormal, but we found them interesting and we hope you do too. We recommend that you listen to the clips with headphones.

'This Is My Chair'

This clip was taken at the Paine House in Coventry RI. You can hear a little girl declare that 'this is my chair' as the camera pans in the room. The audio is quiet so it's best heard with headphones.

'I'm Here'

This EVP sounds as if it is stating "I'm here" after Investigator Robert St. Andre states 'It's very quiet' and investigator Dave Costello replies 'yeah'. What the EVP says is still up for debate, this is just what some interpret it as.

'Yes, Yes What?!'

TMPRG Founder Dave Costello was investigating a home with a spirit that was not so nice. Clearly upset with the events that occurred that night, Dave makes a statement indicating that he will return to the home time and time again until the spirit leaves. In response you hear a very clear (and not necessarily nice) 'Yes, yes what?!' We apologize, the beginning of the video is a little choppy for some reason.

'Look at Me' - EVP at a Residential Investigation
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'I Can Move the Blanket' - EVP at a Residential Investigation
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'Oh Yeah' - EVP from Fort Adams, Newport RI
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'Medic Doctor' - Spirit Box session direct answer to the question.
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