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Here are some examples of the equipment we use while investigating. Although we have a wide array of equipment, using our insticts along with the basics - paper, pencil, audio recorder and camera - are the best and most reliable tools.

Digital Camcorder with Night Shot


HD Camcorder: Though a camcorder is not essential, it’s highly recommended. The more recording done at an investigation, the more opportunity to catch something significant on film or audio. It does mean that there will be more time spent on reviewing the additional data!

Digital Camera


Digital Camera: Again, there are many different kinds to fit all budgets. Be sure to get familiar with your camera and all it’s functions so you know how to use it properly. This will reduce the amount of strange pictures that may look paranormal, but are really caused by user error.

Digital Recorder


Digital Voice Recorder: There are many different kinds to fit all budgets. A must have on an investigation to record EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Be sure to ‘tag’ any noises that are man-made (stomach growling, a passing car, an investigator walking, etc) so you do not confuse those sounds for something ‘paranormal’ during review.

KII Meter


K-II Meter: Measures electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, that can be emitted by appliances, cell phones, electrical wiring, and even the human body. EMF fluctuations have also been associated with locations where unexplained phenomena have been reported, including alleged hauntings. It's good to get a base-line reading before an investigation, but outside factors do influence these devices so relying soley on a KII is not recommended.

MEL Meter


Mel Meter: Combines several features into one device. A Mel Meter measures EMF as well as temperature. There are several models to choose from, one of which has an added shadow detector feature.

Full Spectrum Camcorder


Full Spectrum Camcorder: A modified camcorder that records using the full spectrum, including infrared and ultraviolet. This is beyond what the human eye can see and it is believed by some that spirits fall within the spectrum just outside what we can see, so these camcorders are made to help us capture on film what we can’t see. You can get modified digital cameras as well.



REM Pod: This device has an electromagnetic radiating antenna that detects energy disturbances & fluctuations around the antenna using multi-colored lights and audible tones. In other words, if anything gets near the antenna and breaks the field the lights will illuminate (on the side of the disturbance) and a tone will sound.

Spirit Box/P-SB7


Spirit Box: This device scans through radio frequencies at a high rate of speed creating a type of ‘white noise’ that some believe spirits can use to communicate. The features allow the investigator to reverse the sweep, select the speed of the sweep as well as select an AM or FM sweep. You must be very careful not to mistake radio bleed-through for responses and because of this many investigators chose not to use this device.

DVR System with IR Cameras


A DVR system with IR cameras allows you to cover a large area so you don't miss anything. These can be hooked up to a monitor so several areas can be watched in real time at the same time.

Trail Camera


Trail Camera: Something as simple as a trail camera can help capture images when you are not in the room (or outside). Trail cams utilize an IR camera and is motion sensitive, meaning it will snap a picture each time it senses movement.

Laser Grid


Laser Grid: Used in combination with a camcorder in order to capture possible apparitions moving through the grid. Anything that moves through the grid will distort the pattern and alerts investigators that something is there.



FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera: Detects thermal radiation. This device is able to show investigators hot and cold spots as well as changes in tempurature. For example, a hand on the wall can leave a heat signature for several minutes after it is removed or if a spirit sits on a bed or chair it may leave a cold signature.

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