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Compelling Photo Evidence

Here are some photos that TMPRG found quite interesting. We do not claim that these are definitive proof of the paranormal, but they are certainly quite compelling and make you think.

During a residential investigation, Investigator Taunya Damon walked into a room while Investigator Suzanne Roberts snapped photos. After reviewing the photos we found this one where we can see what looks like a shadow person standing in front of Investigator Taunya Damon. You can see the arm extending, the shoulder and on the other side of Taunya's head you can see the shadow of another head. These are clearly not the shadow of our investigators and nobody else was present on this floor at the time. Investigator Taunya Damon did report walking 'into a wall of cobwebs' while up here prior to seeing any of the photos.  

This photo was taken at a residential investigation using a Full Spectrum Camera. We asked the spirits if they could get together for a family photo like the photos the family had hanging on the wall. The result was this photo. We were unsure if what we had caught was due to lighting or other natural explainations, so we sent the photo to Penn State to be analyzed. The results we got back were shocking. According to Penn State this photo contained several unknown anomalies that could not be explained! 

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