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This page lists investigation reports from many of our cases. We take confidentiality very seriously so only the cases whose clients signed a 'full disclosure' or 'partial disclosure' agreement will appear here. Any 'partial disclosure' cases will have all identifying factors removed from the report.

Inv# 06252016BRI

May-June, 2016

This was a full disclosure business investigation. TMPRG was contacted in early May of 2016 regarding paranormal activity that had been occurring at the Bristol Lodge of AF & AM (a Freemason`s organization lodge) located in North Attleboro Massachusetts.  The claims were varied from footstep noises being heard on vacant floors, to sightings of apparitions and moving shadows, to knocking noises and have been happening at the Lodge over multiple years to numerous members.  President of the lodge Michael Cronin had spoken to Jason Dahl who is a member of the Lodge and is also a member of TMPRG, Jason informing him that he belonged to a paranormal group.  The group determined after the initial interview that the claims being varied and spanning several generations of members warranted a full investigation.  In conjuncture with members of the Lodge present, the group members investigated over the course of three nights at the location.

Equipment employed over the nights of investigating consisted of the following, Digital Cameras, Digital recorders, EMF meters (K-II, Mel meters, Cell Sensors), REM Pods, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video Camera, Full Spectrum Digital Still Camera, Sony “Night Shot” Video Camera, Laser Thermometers, SB-7 Spirit Box, Echo-Vox Device, Motion Detector, FLIR IR Thermal Camera.  Over the course of the three nights, the team noted that the SB-7 Spirit Box was active with responses two of the three nights they were present.  Furthermore, it was noted that the responses on this device seemed to be in conjuncture with direct answers to questions that the team was asking.  On the third night, the Echo-Vox device with active with similar results to questions.  

During evidence review to the data, recordings were made of the Spirit Box sessions and it was noted that the name Ann was recorded on two separate nights that this piece of equipment was employed.  In addition the name William was also captured on recorder of the Spirit Box session.  On the third night, TMPRG`s Sensitive was present.  The Sensitive noted three entities to be present at the location a female entity (where the SB-7 recorded the voice of a female) and two males, one male which the Sensitive believed to have the letters LL in his name (concurrent to the male who identified himself as William).  Since TMPRG`s policy is to have its` Sensitive come in blind without any knowledge of the location, its claims or previous evidence obtained, we deemed this information to be relevant.
TMPRG`s evaluation of the building is therefore that the building indeed has paranormal activity occurring at the location.  That there are three entities present, two male and one female based upon the recordings made and the Sensitive`s read of the place.  That these entities are intelligent in nature, not malicious and have ties to the Masonic order.  The Bristol Lodge is truly a unique and historic building being built in 1927 with ties in their Charter to Paul Revere, it`s ghosts I am sure feel the same about it as well.

Inv# 10032015

October 03, 2015

This was a private business investigation. Here is the initial report; Type of Investigation: Private Business. Number of Investigators present: 4. Solar and Lunar Conditions: Solar X-rays Active, Geo magnetic Field Unsettled, Moon Waning Gibbous 61% of Full Illumination. Equipment used: Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Cell Sensor EMF meter, K-II EMF meter, 2 Laser Grids, EMF Field Generator, Boo Buddy EMF bear, Full Spectrum Video Camera with Full Spectrum light attached, Sony Night Shot Video camera, HD video camera, IR Catch Game Camera, Motion Detector, SB-7 Spirit Box, Laser thermometers, Echo Vox. Activity noted: Unexplained battery drain on two devices (camera & Laser grid) in same area of building/location. Overall initial impression; Quiet.

Inv# 06072014ADA

June 09, 2014

This is the initial report for this investigation- Type of investigation, Private residence in Billerica, MA. Number of investigators present from team- 6. Solar and Lunar Conditions- Moon Waxing Gibbous 70% of Full illumination, Solar X-rays Active, Geo Magnetic Field Quiet, Relative Humidity- 34%, Dew Point- 52 Degrees F., Barometric Pressure - 29.89 inches Equipment employed- Digital cameras, Digital recorders, Full Spectrum Video camera with Full Spectrum light attached, K-II meters, Mel Meter, Digital Thermometer, DVR system with 4 IR cameras deployed. Overall initial impressions of activity- Quiet.

Inv# 120812SAU

December 08, 2012

This was a private residence investigation we did. Initial report is as follows. Type of Investigation: Private Residence. Number of Investigators present: 6. Lunar and Solar conditions: Solar X-Rays Active, Geo magnetic field Quiet, Lunar Waning gibbous 23% Illumination. Equipment used: K-II`s , Multi-detector, Cell Sensor, Mel meter, Digital thermometer, Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Laser Grid, Professional Video Camera System (Public access T.V.), Video recorder, Real Time EVP recorder. Impressions of Investigators: The residence has a high level of EMF due most likely by poor electrical grounding of the main electrical feed coming into the residence from the street service. This is creating a potentially unhealthy EMF predominately on the second floor of the residence. Overall Impressioin of the Activity at the residence that evening: Quiet.

Inv# 091011Grafton Inn

September 10, 2011

We did an investigation at the Grafton Inn in Grafton Massachusetts.  The Grafton Inn is a historic location in Grafton.  It currently is an Inn with a tavern theme to it.  The downstairs area hosts a full bar and an excellent restaurant (we can attest to the quality of food after eating there) and several rooms that can be rented out on the third floor for overnight accommodations.  The Inn located on the common, has been in continuous operation since 1805.

Paranormal activity at the Inn is centered around room 7 on the third floor, which is one of the guest rooms.  As the story was told to our group, at some time in the past, a house keeper who has been named Martha (not sure if that was her real name), passed away in that room.  The circumstances around her death were also unclear.  Some reports were that she was murdered but, this could not be corroborated.

Interestingly enough, the night our group was there, there was a couple visiting the Inn who had lived in room 7 for a period of time while their home was getting renovations.  They relayed their stories of paranormal activity that they along with their dog Mollie experienced, while staying at the Inn.  This helped to solidify claims of activity that were taking place there from an independent source.

We used a wide variety of equipment that night from parabolic microphones to a laser grid.  We also had the team’s full complement of Sensitive’s to get their impressions of the location.  While the Sensitive`s did get a feeling of a presence in the room and in general to the building and surroundings (this could be residual due to the age of the structure), the overall impression of the room was of one of peacefulness. 

The most interesting piece of evidence we captured was the period of flashlight activity on video.  We believe that we were interacting with “Martha” through the flashlight.  The light was being turned on and off with responses when asked.  This also occurred at one instance with an associated K-II flash as the light was being turned off.  The video of this interaction is viewable on the EVP and video section of the webpage under Grafton Inn and also on You Tube.

Overall, we believe the Inn has some slight paranormal activity.  We believe the entity there is not negative in nature and may be just keeping an eye on something they really loved.  This activity should in no way deter someone from staying at a very nice place with pleasant rooms set in an elegant colonial manner. 

Inv#071611Anawan Rock

July 16, 2011

We hosted a public meet and greet at Anawan Rock off of Route 44 in Rehoboth Massachusetts.  This was an opportunity for the general public to come meet the group in a public setting, get to know the members and what we are all about.  Later on at the event, towards dusk, we investigated for a brief period of time, the claims of paranormal activity that is associated with this historic location.  Members of TMPRG were there along with members from other paranormal groups including, a highly respected member of The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group and two members from Serious Paranormal Investigations. 

When the Founder of the group arrived, one of his daughters believed she smelled smoke in the area.  One of the claims of paranormal activity at this location is that of smoke from long ago fires from the natives that were at this location.  This is interesting as the Founders daughter did not know this as being one of the claims of activity.  Other claims of activity are Native American chanting and apparitions being seen in the woods around the rock.

We were honored to have a visitor stop by during our time there.  A local Native American named Manny Silvia came to the site.  Manny stopped by and relayed many stories about the rock and what it means to the local natives there.  This culminated with Manny sageing the group down at the base of the rock and leading us in a prayer circle. 

While we were around the rock, Senior Investigator Florio from TRIPRG, captured two EVPs` (See the EVP section labeled Sr. Investigator Florio).  She also caught an unexplained sound of twig snapping, which was heard by several members, coming from the area of the top of the rock.  While this could be just an animal in the woods, the sound was loud enough and whatever it was heavy enough, to snap the twig loud enough to be heard.

Photos and video taken there proved to be inconclusive.  While we did not experience any major activity there, the history of the activity at the rock speaks for itself.  It remains an interesting location if for nothing else it`s historical significance.

Case # 09252010GOM

September 25, 2010

TMPRG was contacted by Mr. & Mrs. G. in mid September 2010 to help with a paranormal problem that was plaguing their family.  Mr. & Mrs. G will be referred to from this point as Client 1 and Client 2.  Client 1 contacted our group and informed that their young son was having trouble sleeping in his bedroom.  The son was reporting that a man was standing in the corner of his bedroom at night and watching him.  This entity/individual was not known to the child and the child was not able to see a good look at his face. 

Client 1 and 2 report to TMPRG that they also experienced loud thumps and footstep noises coming from the second floor, when no individuals where on that level.  Clients 1 and 2 also report that they have heard phantom voice coming from the area of the second floor, also when no one was in that area.  Client 2 also reports one night she awoke from sleep and observed what she described as a shadow figure leaning against a doorway starring at her from the adjacent kitchen area.

On the night of the investigation TMPRG arrived and met the homeowners.  Shortly after arrival the homeowners left the home and members of the group began the investigation.  EMF and digital temperature readings were conducted and found to be unremarkable.  During the course of the investigation, noises such as unexplainable clicks and thumps were heard by several members of the team.  These noises typically occurred when no investigators were in the room where the noise originated from but were audible enough to be heard in the adjacent rooms.

Photographically, the team captured two instances of unexplainable K-II spikes on video when no investigators were present in the room.  One K-II spike was accompanied by the family`s dog which was caged in the basement howling for some unknown reason.  As no investigators were near the dog and the dog remained quiet for the remainder of the night.  The cause of the howling was unknown.  Digital photos taken were unremarkable.

Subsequent research leading up to the night of the investigation, revealed a possible identification of the male entity in question in the boy`s room.  Client 1 knew a young male well who was killed in a tragic Motor Vehicle accident, that was just a couple hundred yards or less up the road from the clients` residence.  The death of this individual occurred shortly before the paranormal activity began at the client`s residence.  It is believed that this entity at the time of his death may have wandered down to the client`s home seeking assistance.

Client 1 requested that the entity in question be removed from his home as it was causing fear in his young son.  Investigator St. Andre spoke with the entity one on one asking the entity to leave the residence as it was causing fear to the son and family.  Lead Investigator Costello said prayers from the Bible and used holy water and burned sage in an attempt to help the entity cross over.  Subsequent follow up with the family revealed that paranormal activity had ceased at the home.  Client 1`s son was sleeping again at night in his own bed and no longer reported anyone watching him.  The case was considered closed unless any further activity ensued.

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