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Membership Application

Are you looking to join an established and respected paranormal investigation team? Are you willing to dedicate the time it takes to become an asset to our team? If so, then please fill out the application below and a senior member of the team will contact you. Please note, TMPRG is an all volunteer, not for profit group designed to help people in need with paranormal situations. We are not funded by any organization. We  buy and carry our own equipment. We hold monthly meetings the last Saturday of every month, our investigations are typically scheduled for Saturdays and events that the team participates in are typically held on the weekends (usually Saturday or Sunday). Our members also contribute monthly dues of $10 to our group fund in order to pay for new team equipment, trips, events, website fees and other team expenses. Use of the team funds are voted on and approved by the team before use. Serious inquiries only please.

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