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Inv# 091011Grafton Inn

September 10, 2011

We did an investigation at the Grafton Inn in Grafton Massachusetts.  The Grafton Inn is a historic location in Grafton.  It currently is an Inn with a tavern theme to it.  The downstairs area hosts a full bar and an excellent restaurant (we can attest to the quality of food after eating there) and several rooms that can be rented out on the third floor for overnight accommodations.  The Inn located on the common, has been in continuous operation since 1805.

Paranormal activity at the Inn is centered around room 7 on the third floor, which is one of the guest rooms.  As the story was told to our group, at some time in the past, a house keeper who has been named Martha (not sure if that was her real name), passed away in that room.  The circumstances around her death were also unclear.  Some reports were that she was murdered but, this could not be corroborated.

Interestingly enough, the night our group was there, there was a couple visiting the Inn who had lived in room 7 for a period of time while their home was getting renovations.  They relayed their stories of paranormal activity that they along with their dog Mollie experienced, while staying at the Inn.  This helped to solidify claims of activity that were taking place there from an independent source.

We used a wide variety of equipment that night from parabolic microphones to a laser grid.  We also had the team’s full complement of Sensitive’s to get their impressions of the location.  While the Sensitive`s did get a feeling of a presence in the room and in general to the building and surroundings (this could be residual due to the age of the structure), the overall impression of the room was of one of peacefulness. 

The most interesting piece of evidence we captured was the period of flashlight activity on video.  We believe that we were interacting with “Martha” through the flashlight.  The light was being turned on and off with responses when asked.  This also occurred at one instance with an associated K-II flash as the light was being turned off.  The video of this interaction is viewable on the EVP and video section of the webpage under Grafton Inn and also on You Tube.

Overall, we believe the Inn has some slight paranormal activity.  We believe the entity there is not negative in nature and may be just keeping an eye on something they really loved.  This activity should in no way deter someone from staying at a very nice place with pleasant rooms set in an elegant colonial manner. 

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