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Case # 09252010GOM

September 25, 2010

TMPRG was contacted by Mr. & Mrs. G. in mid September 2010 to help with a paranormal problem that was plaguing their family.  Mr. & Mrs. G will be referred to from this point as Client 1 and Client 2.  Client 1 contacted our group and informed that their young son was having trouble sleeping in his bedroom.  The son was reporting that a man was standing in the corner of his bedroom at night and watching him.  This entity/individual was not known to the child and the child was not able to see a good look at his face. 

Client 1 and 2 report to TMPRG that they also experienced loud thumps and footstep noises coming from the second floor, when no individuals where on that level.  Clients 1 and 2 also report that they have heard phantom voice coming from the area of the second floor, also when no one was in that area.  Client 2 also reports one night she awoke from sleep and observed what she described as a shadow figure leaning against a doorway starring at her from the adjacent kitchen area.

On the night of the investigation TMPRG arrived and met the homeowners.  Shortly after arrival the homeowners left the home and members of the group began the investigation.  EMF and digital temperature readings were conducted and found to be unremarkable.  During the course of the investigation, noises such as unexplainable clicks and thumps were heard by several members of the team.  These noises typically occurred when no investigators were in the room where the noise originated from but were audible enough to be heard in the adjacent rooms.

Photographically, the team captured two instances of unexplainable K-II spikes on video when no investigators were present in the room.  One K-II spike was accompanied by the family`s dog which was caged in the basement howling for some unknown reason.  As no investigators were near the dog and the dog remained quiet for the remainder of the night.  The cause of the howling was unknown.  Digital photos taken were unremarkable.

Subsequent research leading up to the night of the investigation, revealed a possible identification of the male entity in question in the boy`s room.  Client 1 knew a young male well who was killed in a tragic Motor Vehicle accident, that was just a couple hundred yards or less up the road from the clients` residence.  The death of this individual occurred shortly before the paranormal activity began at the client`s residence.  It is believed that this entity at the time of his death may have wandered down to the client`s home seeking assistance.

Client 1 requested that the entity in question be removed from his home as it was causing fear in his young son.  Investigator St. Andre spoke with the entity one on one asking the entity to leave the residence as it was causing fear to the son and family.  Lead Investigator Costello said prayers from the Bible and used holy water and burned sage in an attempt to help the entity cross over.  Subsequent follow up with the family revealed that paranormal activity had ceased at the home.  Client 1`s son was sleeping again at night in his own bed and no longer reported anyone watching him.  The case was considered closed unless any further activity ensued.

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