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Inv#071611Anawan Rock

July 16, 2011

We hosted a public meet and greet at Anawan Rock off of Route 44 in Rehoboth Massachusetts.  This was an opportunity for the general public to come meet the group in a public setting, get to know the members and what we are all about.  Later on at the event, towards dusk, we investigated for a brief period of time, the claims of paranormal activity that is associated with this historic location.  Members of TMPRG were there along with members from other paranormal groups including, a highly respected member of The Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group and two members from Serious Paranormal Investigations. 

When the Founder of the group arrived, one of his daughters believed she smelled smoke in the area.  One of the claims of paranormal activity at this location is that of smoke from long ago fires from the natives that were at this location.  This is interesting as the Founders daughter did not know this as being one of the claims of activity.  Other claims of activity are Native American chanting and apparitions being seen in the woods around the rock.

We were honored to have a visitor stop by during our time there.  A local Native American named Manny Silvia came to the site.  Manny stopped by and relayed many stories about the rock and what it means to the local natives there.  This culminated with Manny sageing the group down at the base of the rock and leading us in a prayer circle. 

While we were around the rock, Senior Investigator Florio from TRIPRG, captured two EVPs` (See the EVP section labeled Sr. Investigator Florio).  She also caught an unexplained sound of twig snapping, which was heard by several members, coming from the area of the top of the rock.  While this could be just an animal in the woods, the sound was loud enough and whatever it was heavy enough, to snap the twig loud enough to be heard.

Photos and video taken there proved to be inconclusive.  While we did not experience any major activity there, the history of the activity at the rock speaks for itself.  It remains an interesting location if for nothing else it`s historical significance.

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