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Inv# 120812SAU

December 08, 2012

This was a private residence investigation we did. Initial report is as follows. Type of Investigation: Private Residence. Number of Investigators present: 6. Lunar and Solar conditions: Solar X-Rays Active, Geo magnetic field Quiet, Lunar Waning gibbous 23% Illumination. Equipment used: K-II`s , Multi-detector, Cell Sensor, Mel meter, Digital thermometer, Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Laser Grid, Professional Video Camera System (Public access T.V.), Video recorder, Real Time EVP recorder. Impressions of Investigators: The residence has a high level of EMF due most likely by poor electrical grounding of the main electrical feed coming into the residence from the street service. This is creating a potentially unhealthy EMF predominately on the second floor of the residence. Overall Impressioin of the Activity at the residence that evening: Quiet.

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