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Inv# 06252016BRI

May-June, 2016

This was a full disclosure business investigation. TMPRG was contacted in early May of 2016 regarding paranormal activity that had been occurring at the Bristol Lodge of AF & AM (a Freemason`s organization lodge) located in North Attleboro Massachusetts.  The claims were varied from footstep noises being heard on vacant floors, to sightings of apparitions and moving shadows, to knocking noises and have been happening at the Lodge over multiple years to numerous members.  President of the lodge Michael Cronin had spoken to Jason Dahl who is a member of the Lodge and is also a member of TMPRG, Jason informing him that he belonged to a paranormal group.  The group determined after the initial interview that the claims being varied and spanning several generations of members warranted a full investigation.  In conjuncture with members of the Lodge present, the group members investigated over the course of three nights at the location.

Equipment employed over the nights of investigating consisted of the following, Digital Cameras, Digital recorders, EMF meters (K-II, Mel meters, Cell Sensors), REM Pods, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video Camera, Full Spectrum Digital Still Camera, Sony “Night Shot” Video Camera, Laser Thermometers, SB-7 Spirit Box, Echo-Vox Device, Motion Detector, FLIR IR Thermal Camera.  Over the course of the three nights, the team noted that the SB-7 Spirit Box was active with responses two of the three nights they were present.  Furthermore, it was noted that the responses on this device seemed to be in conjuncture with direct answers to questions that the team was asking.  On the third night, the Echo-Vox device with active with similar results to questions.  

During evidence review to the data, recordings were made of the Spirit Box sessions and it was noted that the name Ann was recorded on two separate nights that this piece of equipment was employed.  In addition the name William was also captured on recorder of the Spirit Box session.  On the third night, TMPRG`s Sensitive was present.  The Sensitive noted three entities to be present at the location a female entity (where the SB-7 recorded the voice of a female) and two males, one male which the Sensitive believed to have the letters LL in his name (concurrent to the male who identified himself as William).  Since TMPRG`s policy is to have its` Sensitive come in blind without any knowledge of the location, its claims or previous evidence obtained, we deemed this information to be relevant.
TMPRG`s evaluation of the building is therefore that the building indeed has paranormal activity occurring at the location.  That there are three entities present, two male and one female based upon the recordings made and the Sensitive`s read of the place.  That these entities are intelligent in nature, not malicious and have ties to the Masonic order.  The Bristol Lodge is truly a unique and historic building being built in 1927 with ties in their Charter to Paul Revere, it`s ghosts I am sure feel the same about it as well.

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