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ITC Video Experiment

On 03-25-12, TMPRG was at a private residence investigation in Somerset Massachusetts. We came up with the idea of trying to run an ITC experiment that day at that location. While this experiment is nothing new, it has been done many times in the past, we decided to give it a try to see what kind of results we could get. ITC Video stands for Instrumental Trans-Communication Video. Basically this means any electronic device that allows you to communicate with ghosts and spirits. In our case video means a television set.

Our experiment followed what is known as the Schreiber method. What this entails is setting up a video camera about three feet in front of a television with the camera pointed at the screen of the television. Cables are then hooked up to the output portion of the camera and are connected to the video input connections on the television. This creates a sort of electrical loop by the camera shooting images of the television screen and the cables connecting the camera with the television. The television is then turned on to a channel that is not connected to any antenna or cable connection. A channel that is scattered typically which creates pixilation and white noise.

The theory is that entities and spirits can use the energy that is put out by this connection pattern of camera and television to manifest themselves on the television screen. They may also use the electronics of the television to speak as in an EVP. What then took place with us was, we introduced ourselves and we asked any entities present to try to enter into the loop/television to be able to communicate with us. We explained that what was set up would not hurt them and it was a method for them to show an image of themselves to us. Of course the camera was turned on and was recording during this time.

ITC Experiment.jpg

What happened at this point is we asked questions as in a typical EVP session. Such as who are you, why are you here, etc. and waited for a response. Interesting enough, at approximately seven minutes into the experiment the television shut itself off. This was unexplainable as the television we were using operates by a push button and has no remote control capabilities. Also of note which we found out later, the homeowner reports that she has been experiencing the same phenomenon with her television sets. Hmmm. was someone or something trying to make a statement?

We ran the experiment for about twenty minutes. We assumed that was ample time for any entity that was there to make its` presence known if so desired. Unfortunately on review of the recording, we found no anomalies. The fact that this was a preliminary investigation and the strange shut down of the television warrants that we try this experiment again on our return visit. Stay tuned more to follow on this.

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