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Our Mission

The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group is an all volunteer organization established in 2009. We will assist people who are experiencing paranormal activity, events or episodes and provide then with a solution or explanation for their specific encounter while adhering to strict policies and guidelines to protect their confidentiality. We are not funded by any government or corporate entity and exist solely on the kindness of a few benefactors plus our own personal contributions to continue to maintain and procure state of the art equipment as is necessary in our field.

Our drive to do this is our thirst for knowledge of all things paranormal and our desire to help others through education, explanation and intervention. Our eclectic group of investigators provide a professional, courteous service and truly seeks answers or an explanation to what you are experiencing. As a group, we bring talents and skills to the table and have a professional relationship with other like-minded investigative groups in New England that can be accessed should the need arise.

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