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Inv# 10032015

October 03, 2015

This was a private business investigation. Here is the initial report; Type of Investigation: Private Business. Number of Investigators present: 4. Solar and Lunar Conditions: Solar X-rays Active, Geo magnetic Field Unsettled, Moon Waning Gibbous 61% of Full Illumination. Equipment used: Digital Cameras, Digital Recorders, Cell Sensor EMF meter, K-II EMF meter, 2 Laser Grids, EMF Field Generator, Boo Buddy EMF bear, Full Spectrum Video Camera with Full Spectrum light attached, Sony Night Shot Video camera, HD video camera, IR Catch Game Camera, Motion Detector, SB-7 Spirit Box, Laser thermometers, Echo Vox. Activity noted: Unexplained battery drain on two devices (camera & Laser grid) in same area of building/location. Overall initial impression; Quiet.

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