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History Is Our Past To Our Present

The definition of Research is “the systematic, rigorous investigation of a situation or problem in order to generate new knowledge or validate existing knowledge”

I consider myself a historian or history buff. Like most people with my passion we find great pleasure in finding out the historical events and bringing it to light. To get a good base of actual facts it takes 40-80+ hours to fully find out the history where our team can go in with enough knowledge to fully understand what might be lurking; and most cases we have 2 weeks’ notice which is hardly enough time but that’s part of the case work. Now will every case turn up something where you can connect the dots from the history to the spiritual; of course not. But that is my holy grail.

The history is all around us? It’s the path of our past which has brought us to the present day and to fully understand where we are today we have to understand our past. It’s the days of dirt roads and hard simple life; before all the technology of today’s modern world. It’s not glamorous by any means. Just breathing in the dust from old books or squinting and looking at hours of microfilm will make almost anyone start to go crazy. But I always feel like I am one page away from a great clue or a book that is just out of reach will connect the dots in my research. That’s what keeps me going.

Consider this?

While doing a spirit box session a names comes across….. Do you have the history to connect this name to the past? Hopefully you will which makes all the work you do that much sweeter.

- Jason Dahl


“A lot of times in paranormal, it is being at the right place at the right time to capture a one in life photo or EVP, but with research, it is all about the work and the dedication of the researcher. In fact, in the media, the researcher is seldom mentioned, but it is the researcher’s work that truly lays the foundation of what, where, and when that a documentary, or even a paranormal television show, will begin its process."

- David Faria

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